aileen. 22. unemployed student.
this is my mini diary.
i rant, therefore i am.
here i am
12.10.21 feeling depressed
it seems as if i suck at everything.
12.11.21 feeling miserable
i talk to God everyday but the sky is empty

the nightmare won't end. everyone keeps saying time and God will help.
12.12.21 feeling sadness
i've never been so disillusioned in my life. i don't know what to think anymore.
12.9.21 feeling detached
there is no escape from the endless abyss of futile suffering.
i am bleak, dull, and uninteresting.

i am interested in nothing.
stripped of my clown suit, there is no one to see. a mockery of man.
12.5.21 feeling bleh
the mind blocks are so grand that i cannot remember a thing from the past.

sometimes the door opens and shit becomes real.

i never experienced the joys of my youth.